Phi Phi Attractions

Koh Phi Phi

are located at an equal distance from both Krabi and Phuket, about 40 kms.  Made up of six small and large isles, the main features are sheer limestone cliff and rock.  Some offer beautiful beach and coral reefs.  The best time for a visit is between November and April.

Attractive isles in the group include:-

Ao Maya from the renown movie


 Koh Phi Phi Don

is home to fishermen and Thai Moslems.  Located about 2 kms from Ko Phi Phi Le.  This island has a total area of 28 sq.m.  An outstanding attraction here is Ao Ton Sai, a vast bay with a curving white sandy beach stretching to a mountain range which reaches into the sea.  The clear waters are prefect for swimming.  There is also a pier on the beach where visitors can easily get on a get off a boat On the other side, a fishing village is located at Laem Tong, an area renowned for its underwater natural beauty.  Coral reefs can be found on both sides of the island.

Tourists who wish to dive or hire a boat are suggested to contact tour operators on the island.  Most are situated in Ao Ton Sai area.

Phi Phi Hotel
Banyan Villa
PP Island Cabana

Chao Koh Phi Phi Lodge
Tonsai Bay


 Ao Loh Dalum

is a center of various water sports such as kayaking, banana boats, swimming, sun bathing, etc.  The beach is a curve parallel with Ton Sai Beach.  Sea is quite still and not so deep. Accommodation are available along the shores.


Pee Pee View Point
Ao Koh Da Lum


 Ao Loh Ba Kao

This secluded stretch of sand on the island's east coast has only one palace to stay.  Limestone outcrops here add a dramatic background, along with rock climbing and hiking potential.


Pee Pee Island Village
Ao Loh Ba Kao


 Koh Yung

Lies to the north of Phi Phi Don.  There is a rocky beach on the east side; a small beach in a fold of the hill; and perfectly preserved coral gardens.

Koh Yung


 Koh Phai (Bamboo Island)

Lies to the north Phi Phi Don, and not very far from Ko Yung.  There are loverly beaches on the north and east sides, and coral gardens spreading to the South.

Koh Phai (bamboo island)


 Phi Phi Le

an island of steep cliffs, covers a total area of 6.6 sq.m.  A small bay called "Pi Le" reaches into a valley and gives a lake-like scenery.  This part of the sea is almost encircled by steep cliffs.  The waters are still, clear, and deep.  To the South of Pi Le, is a small bay which hides in a fold of a steep rock.  This is called "Lo Sa Ma".  Another attraction is Tham Viking, a huge, vast, and airy cave which is home to a large number of swallows.  On the cave walls are ancient paintings of sailing sips similar to those used by ancient Vikings.  Near the entrance, there is a spectacular collection of stalagmites and stalactites.

In 1972 Tham Viking was renamed Tham Phaya Nak or The Great Serpent Cave by H.M. the king because of a serpent like rock inside.

Ao Maya and Loh Sama

scenic coves on the island's western and South-eastern shores, are favourite stops for day-tripping snorkelers. Although  once pristine, the corals at these coves have been marred by bad anchoring and the beaches littered with rubbish jettisoned by people on tour boats.  In 1999, a Hollywood film company spent about two months shooting scenes for the motion picture "the Beach".

Pi Leh
Ao Maya



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